For one of my modules at university, I had to complete a variety of tasks based on Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. My favorite task for this was to design three mascots. Having done a lot of research on past Olympic Game mascots and Rio de Janeiro, I came up with the following characters; Fernando the Frog, Manuel the Macaw and Flavia the Flamingo. I firstly drew them out by hand then created them using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.


Another assignment I had was to create a short 15 second claymation as group work. This was really good fun as it could be about anything and I had the task of creating the characters. Once the characters were created from clay, I had to take lots of pictures (stop motion) and then combine them together to make it seem like the characters were moving. The'Benny Hill' theme tune music track was added over the top as I felt this added an extra special something to the clip! Please feel free to click on the video to watch the journey of my characters.